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Reppie (“Koshe”) is located in the middle of Addis Ababa and has served as an open dump site (landfill) for over 40 years. The site is over 37 hectares and 40 meters deep. The plant will be located inside the dumpsite within a 7 hectare of land.


The proposed waste-to-energy facility at Reppie will be located within the open dumping site and be part of the proposed transfer station which will see roughly 1,200 tons of waste a day. The facility will be located in the shallowest area of the dumpsite within a 7-hectare area out of the total 37-hectare dump site. The project will be located within a vacant brown-field area which is currently used to dump, burn, and dispose of waste without any environmental sensitivity.

The Reppi facility will be constructed within the dumping site to eliminate additional cost of transporting waste from the transfer station and also to increase the environmental impact by averting waste sent to landfills or open dumping sites.

The energy needs of Ethiopia are expanding rapidly, and the State must have access to a diverse range of energy sources, including new technologies like Cambridge’s waste-to-energy, that alleviate dependence on factors outside of its control (the weather).


The Total Project Cost is estimated about 120,394,375 USD including transmission line.


The construction schedule will be twelve months.


The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCO)


The estimated Project cost to procure the necessary condition is financed by Ethiopian Government.


The impacts identified in the project areas are of temporary and permanent types. All impacts are a net positive to the current system of waste disposal. Since the facility is a transition from open-dumping system to modern waste disposal and energy recovery it improves on current use of the site.

There is no relocation and the facility has much lower impact than other factories in the area such as a large glass factory. All impacts are identified and addressed the planning and design of the facility.


The WtE will have a throughput of 350,000 tons per annum (tpa) and is designed to treat residual municipal and commercial solid waste, and other similar waste types, using proven high efficiency waste combustion technology with energy recovery.

The site itself has been used as an open dump site and has served as the only landfill site for Addis Ababa for over 45 years; it is an area of vacant Brownfield land with little ecological or visual value in its present state. The proposed closing of the site will turn Rappie into a covered area with tubes to capture the trapped gas and a transfer station for over 1,200 tpd of waste. The WtE facility will take up 7hectares of the total 37 hectare open dump site.

The proposed Facility is in compliance with the intentions of Ethiopian Government to promote sustainable methods of waste management and the WtE will provide essential infrastructure to help Addis Ababa meet its waste management targets.

Taking into account the net positive environmental impact and the benefits associated with the Reppie WtE Facility, this facility will be a major improvement in Ethiopia.