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The Project site is located around 95km south east of Addis Ababa and around 3km north east of Adama/Nazareth on an altitude range of 1836 - 1926 m.asl as shown on the Map below.


The main objective of this project is to develop 51MW Wind Power with 34 Turbine units of each 1500kW capacity and supply electric power to the Ethiopian society on fast track basis to alleviate the power shortage in the country, and is necessary for the country’s further growth in the next decades. The realization of this project with the other Wind Power projects to come and with the one under construction, the Ashegoda Wind Power Projects is considered as good complementary to the Hydropower dominated EEPCo interconnected system.

The overall objectives of the project are, therefore:

  • To generate a firm energy of 162.7GWh per year.
  • To increase the capacity of the system by 51MW.
  • To provide reliable power and energy to the country’s grid thereby reducing power shortages.
  • To play a considerable role in the nations strive for achieving the MDGs and ADU targets through improving the lives of the majority of the rural poor.
  • To play a meaningful role in the environmental improvement of the country by reducing uses of fossil fuel, fire wood, which results in environmental pollution and deforestation and soil degradation respectively.


Ethiopia has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. According to the Economist it Magazine, it is the fastest growing non-oil dependent African nation in 2007, and 2008. For this reason, the power demand outstripped the annual average power demand forecast of 17% set by EEPCo on its Generation/Transmission expansion plan for Load demand forecast in a 25 years planning horizon. On the other hand, due to the decrease on the annual rain fall because of the climate change the hydropower dams cannot maintain full reservoir water to generate power during the full load hours that leads to severe power shortage. This had affected the economic growth in the country. In compliance with prescribed reliability and system reserve criteria, an updated schedule for implementation of new generating plants on fast track basis and transmission additions is designed, to meet the fast growing demand. Adam/Nazareth is one of the candidate fast track projects in the generation development strategy.


Adama/Nazareth Wind Farm is reach in wind energy. In the site area at the height of 65m, the average wind speed is 9.56m/s, the wind power density is 654.5W/m2 and the Wind direction is stable. The total installed capacity of this project is 51MW with about 12months construction period. Within 12months, the wind farm will produce 162.7GWh energy and will be connected to the national grid which will improve the power supply in the country, especially during the dry season. As the wind potential is very high during the dry season where hydro dams suffer for lack of water, Wind Power is a good complementary to hydropower.Lack of access to modern energy is a severe constraint to development. The energy produced at Adama/Nazareth supports future EEPCo programs, through which the access to electricity will be increased. This intern plays significant role in the environmental improvement of the country by reducing uses of fire wood, which results in deforestation and soil degradation. Therefore, the Ethiopian society in general will benefit from implementation of this project while the local communities will have additional benefits. During the construction period, there will be job opportunities for the young people.