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Corporation Profile

  • Overview:
  • The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) as public utility enterprise was established for indefinite duration by regulation No. 18/1997,and conferred with the powers and duties of the previous Ethiopian Electric Light and Power Authority.
    The purpose of the corporation is to engage in the business of producing, transmitting ,distributing and selling electrical energy in accordance with economic and social development policies and priorities of the government and to carry out any other related activities that would enable it achieve its purpose.
  • Starting date of operation:
  • 1948
  • Ownership:
  • Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation
  • Head Office:
  • Piasa Degol Square, Addis Ababa , Ethiopia
  • Website:
  • Chief Executive Officer:
  • Ato Miheret Debebe
  • Number of Employees(as of 2010/11):
  • Male - 10,168
    Female - 2004
    Total - 12,172