Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

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Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Project Progress


Progressive performance is seen on Civil Works, Mobilization, Logistics, Electromechanical and Hydraulic Steel Structure Works.

Main Dam

the total excavation volume on Main Dam, Power Houses and Temporarily River Diversion Culvert area reached 5.5 Million

River Diversion Activities

Temporary river diversion activities, including rock excavation, Inlet and Outlet diversion channel excavation, construction of Coffer Dam, Dam Block and Concrete wall are in good progress

Saddle Dam

  • Geophysical Investigations completed and excavation works going on in good progress.
  • Currently the volume of excavation reached 2.9 Million Cubic mt.

Temporary Access and Permanent Roads

  • Temporary Access and Permanent Roads with total length of 122.7 km have been foreseen in the project and includes the re-routing of Assosa-Guba road.
  • Detail engineering design of Assosa-Guba road relocation (length of 128km) has been designed by Saba Engineering PLC.
  • All activities are well on progress.

Blue Nile River Bridge

  • The construction of the Bridge with 237m span length and five Piers has already been completed and opened for traffic as of September 2012. This have major role in transporting crushed aggregate from right bank to left bank and also resources mobilization works.

Contractor’s Camp & Offices Construction

  • Contractor’s Camp & Office ConstructionCamps, offices and canteen for workers and contractors are under construction. Several buildings are at finishing stage, the total camp accommodation capacity of 8,500 workers.

Contractor’s Logistic Installation Construction 1st Phase

  • A temporary camp was established, including all facilities. Temporary installations developed since the inception of the works have been transferred to permanent location, including Workshop, Store, Electrical W-Shop, Plumbing, Joinery, Fuel Station, Laboratory and Clinic.

Contractor’s Logistic Installation Construction 2nd Phase

  • Various facilities and plants installation progressed on this phase.
Contractor’s Facilities Progress
Workshop 100%
Warehouse 100%
Joinery 97%
Steel Yards 97%
Offices 94%
Fuel Depot 91%
Laboratory 100%
Explosive’s Store 100%
  • Crushing, RCC batching, CVC batching, cooling, cement stocking, generators and distribution plants are in good progress.

Electromechanical and hydraulic steel structure works

  • Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) has performing Level 1 design of the electromechanical and hydromechanical works and is being under review by the employer representative and the project office
  • For diversion culvert middle section, the central part steel lining manufacturing has been completed and it is under delivery.
  • METEC Workshop design and accommodation camp construction for workers is on progress at Site.

Beles-GERDP 400KV Transmission Line and Substation works

  • All Surveying works of the Transmission Line is 100% completed.
  • Corridor Cleaning: 95% completed.
  • Foundation Excavation: 45% completed.
  • Foundation concreting works : 15 % completed
  • Mobilization of tower materials is in progress